Our Traditional Method

Since 1892, LES CORDELIERS have been producing light, aromatic sparkling wines renowned for their fine, elegant bubbles. The fruits of an ancestral tradition and an unflinching commitment to quality, our wines are crafted from the finest Bordeaux grape varieties using traditional method developed in the Champagne region. The underground wine cellars of our Saint-Emilio cloister offer the perfect conditions for creating and maturing superior sparkling wines.

Heritage and tradition

Sparkling for 120 years

Since 1892, LES CORDELIERS have been creating superior sparkling wines in Saint-Emilio using traditional method, also called champagne method. We have always maintained the utmost respect for this historic process, which for 120 years has allowed us to produce the magnificent sparkling wines which have made our name. From the choice of grape varieties to the fermentation techniques, not forgetting our harvest and vilification procedures, at LES CORDELIERS every step of the winemaking process is mastered to ensure that our products are worthy rivals for France’s finest sparkling wines.

A commitment to quality

From the vine to the glass

LES CORDELIERS meticulously select the very finest Bordeaux grape varieties, collecting the fruit by hand in small, open trays. The grapes are then pressed lightly (yielding 100 liters of juice for every 150kg of fruit), with vinification at controlled temperatures followed by the final blending of each cuvée. Our sparkling wines are produced with the traditional method often called champagne method They are aged for between 12 and 24 months over the lees in the cellars below the cloister, where no daylight penetrates and the temperature remains constant at 12°C. These conditions are ideal for fermenting and maturing the wines, and the bottles are turned daily to encourage a long, slow development until the wines are ready for disgorging. The penultimate step is the topping up of the bottles with the 'liqueur d’expédition', before sealing with traditional corks finally concludes the production process. Every step of the way, from the vine to the glass, our expert oenologists apply extremely rigorous quality standards.


Useful wine terminology

From ‘AOC’ to ‘Zymase’ - check out our glossary of technical wine terms and find out how LES CORDELIERS have been producing their unique sparkling wines since 1892, with a blend of ancestral techniques and cutting-edge 21st-century oenological expertise.
LES CORDELIERS,<br />putting the sparkle<br />in Saint-Emilion since 1892 The fine bubbles characteristic<br />of LES CORDELIERS sparkling wines
Ancestral expertise,<br />an artisan process Our cellars deep<br />beneath Saint-Emilion